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Lines of thought and exploration (click an image to see more) 

MSweeney_conversing (2 sided print)_teng
Victorian and Tree (installation view)
woven senator
the myth of monoliths, of all-of-a-kind
problem-solving bird, 2021
Bits of Birdsong (installed detail)
carved oak book with balsa fuzz flocking
The work on this site includes handmade objects and images, created with a sense of respect for the everyday world - a respect for all that is shared in common and all that is different or unique. 
I see importance in acknowledging that sameness and difference are inseparable parts of each person, thing, and relationship.  By looking for how sameness and difference collaborate in the world, I join subjects, materials, and work methods into deceptively simple presentations. My hope is that after spending time and living with one or more of these works, new discoveries & layers of meaning become evident. 
Please reach out to me if you are interested in a purchase that matches your budget and living situation.
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