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Cloud & Horizon

Victorian and Tree (installation view)

These works grew from reflections on the tech metaphor of “The Cloud,” and how metaphor or analogy relates to perception, knowledge, connectedness, and information.  More thoughts about these and related pieces can be read in my recent interview in LandEscape Art Review

They began with making woven clouds, a pun and comment of the digital "cloud" and its material effects on our lives, but evolved to include silhouettes of landscapes that are physically obscured by the randomized patterns developed by weaving shredded strips of pre-printed paper.  Intended to be strongly lit shadow-casters, often these simulated locations are best identified by their cast shadow rather than their physical presence.


Like all questions of understanding, from Plato's Cave to its contemporary  print and digital equivalents, the question of what things are - materially, in identity, in perception - requires active engagement and thought.  With these works, my intent is to prompt that process of consideration about the limits of understanding that are contained with appearance and material character.

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