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Paper Weaving

This is a process I use to develop a quilted grid texture in my paper works. The paper may be hand-painted or come from a pre-existing source, as is true in this case.

This paper came from a reprinted vintage comic book and has the brilliant color and graphic blacks that characterize such printing.  In an art historical sense, this paper can be seen as a spin on pop art imagery, but does not exult in the subject matter in the same manner.  

Weaving is inherently a merger of things, and this process and material allows that same sort of merger of differing sensibilities, meanings, and qualities.

Join Hands


On the right, the three images of this work in progress illustrate more stages in my weaving, cutting, and collage methods. 

At this stage it is unclear what the final object or objects will be.  Materials and images, as well as what is there and what is cut away, will guide the next steps and the implications of the imagery.

During the process, I place the parts against a variety of backdrops to inform how I go forward and generate ideas about display and presentation.

JOIN HANDS in progress

Book of Things We Do Not Know

How books begin from found wood.

Book of Things We Do Not Know

Cutting a cherry block into

its rough book shape.

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